2015 - 2016

by Du Vide

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here is our record. i hope you enjoy it. we worked hard on it, we love you and appreciate everyone who listened, let us stay on their floor, or spread the word about our little band. thank you.

- dv


released May 9, 2017

drums - j thatcher may
bass, vocals - mateo garcia
guitar, vocals - alex fatato

add'l vox - john margaris
keys - bradford krieger

the songs were written by alex fatato, thatcher may, harrison smith, mateo garcia.

Recorded by Bradford Krieger and Chaimes Parker at Big Nice Studio
Mixed and mastered by Bradford Krieger at Big Nice Studio

thanks brad, chaimes, jamie, dustin for tape advice, harry, john, alyse for her car, mom, dad, aaron, andrew.



all rights reserved


Du Vide Boston, Massachusetts

three people putzin around beantown playin the tunes

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Track Name: Puke Song
I've got 30 minutes 'til I have to leave.
Woke up in my puke, went to work, went to sleep.
Sometimes i think i bother every person i meet.
Then you say, don't feel that way, i don't wanna leave.

A little bit nauseous everytime that i speak.
Nothing's really wrong now I just feel weird lately.
The sheet's warm like a womb. ball up my shirt. god i can't breathe.
I don't wanna leave.
Track Name: The Hell It Is
keep feeling bad, squeeze my hand, go to bed
I've got a lump that I'm not sure about

my ear is bleeding cus i itched where it hurt.
i rub it red and pray but it keeps getting worse.
crawl outside and holler that you were hurting first.
swallow all the advil and sleep before it works.

feel my head
go to work.

I've got some fire in my stomach, it's tearing my throat

i fall asleep. you stare at me. i roll around in sweat cus i know how u breathe.
Track Name: If I Can Help
climb into your closet, rattle all your bones
i love choking on your spit and talking shit about the weather
i wanna tear everything out of you and keep it for myself

if i can help somebody else and forget about myself

i'd be a little bit better in the head
and not be such a little shit by the time i get to bed
i love squeezing on your arm and saying things about your temperment
i know i hate myself but god i also know i shouldn't

wish i could help somebody else and forget about myself
Track Name: Comfort
i can't be content with anything unless its instant
cus i'm so small
i wanna be guarded. i wanna be grounded.
but i just lay down, belly up on the ground.
tender and naked.
cus i'm still scared.

comfort, when it comes, i know is fleeting
everything that keeps me calm is leaving
Track Name: Maggot
i am too small of a bug to feel this much
i climbed into a deer today and started to suck
on her legs but nothing went past my teeth, it was too sticky
none of the other bugs understood me

whats the use of using up my words
when when i try to say anything, everything falls out
a sad excuse for an insect, i'll cut off my tail to stop me from going out

deer's eyes can't understand why
neither can i

i was supposed to be asleep.
she thought that no one could see
when i saw grandma slug dancing in the kitchen
to one of those tacky hallmark cards that plays music
and i couldn't understand why i have to be such a goddamned awful insect
if i can't suck blood or talk or try then i guess that i'm just goddamned fucking useless
cus when i try to say anything nobody can understand
Track Name: Breathe Hard
touch my face and try hard to feel anything
i know i'm scared of just about everything
mm mmm mmm mmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

breathe hard scratch skin
taste the cigarette in between my teeth i feel gross
i still let you in
even though i hurt everyone i let in
Track Name: Word Vomit
the flourescent blanket, my word vomit in times new roman
nowadays my throat hurts whenever i wake up
its hard to breathe

vodka on the floor in your sisters hands
i don't understand why i'm so annoying
and so complacent i hate that

peeling paint off my fingers for 15 minutes
please come over
its been a long weekend a long night so far
my nose is stuffy
Track Name: Direct Deposit
I feel good today, my belly's full, and I slept well, and my mama's proud.
I took my meds and gave a shit.
Settle down tiger. Nothing stays the same once you like it.
Phone, keys, wallet. Three days 'til my direct deposit.
I took my meds and I gave a shit.
Track Name: Cherry Coke
cherry coke in the movies
say thanks to my daddy
its dark and i'm happy
my body aches for that tender age everyday
admitting to hurting yourself

dairy coffin surrounding me
i'm wary of everything that goes in or our of my mouth
i wanna live in a chocolate cake inside your house
but that would be hurting myself

quiet want
think again
the way you sit smoking
on the tip of your apartment