In Hiding

by Du Vide

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first foray into real recorded music


released May 22, 2015

moses abraham - bass
andrew fatato - drums/vocals
alex fatato - guitar/vocals
harrison smith - guitar

music written by alex, harrison, andrew, and moses

mixed and mastered by harrison smith in nashville tennessee

album photograph taken by andrew in montreal



all rights reserved


Du Vide Boston, Massachusetts

three people putzin around beantown playin the tunes

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Track Name: Surfer Love Song
push that flesh up between your fingertips leave my tongue bit oh you know I'm vulnerable. your lips and your teeth god it's terrible. i'm unrecoverable. See those eyes tear me up, I promise you are enough, I just scream too much. Wish I was invisible, I could live in your cheeks breathe inseparable, but i'm unrecoverable. I don't know you enough to not love you so much, I just breath so rough,
Track Name: Tummy Aches
i never thought my hands would get as veiny as my mothers. keep me laughing get my palette wet i've just been really sad this week.

i need you most when it hurts to. if you cant feel closer god dammit i want to. I loved you most when it hurt to. if you cant feel closer goddammit i want to.

i wish i had one simple friend to catch my blood to soak it in. and talk about his happiness.
Track Name: Sheep
*incoherent mumbling*
I could never feel the push of your hand, take my tongue and make the words only you can understand. Your sons and daughters only push me away, lord you know I wanted to want to stay. Creatures in hiding they want me to sin, but I wont let them in. And I don't need your help. Lord I try, you know I try but jesus you've got to too. You're not allowed into my heart if killing me is all you do. If i'm the sheep that wandered off why don't you let me find you. Creatures in hiding they want me to sin, but I won't let them in. And I don't need your help.
Track Name: Shel
i bet her favorite color's yellow and she loves the way she looks and she thinks that things are simple. i'll lay down on your lap, ask you to read Shel Silverstein to me, it makes me feel innocent. i'll stay out real late, my brother won't be up to ask if i got laid. i bet she thinks that things are simple. and when i feel it i know it. it fucks with my heels. you know i can't live like this when you fuck with my eyes.
Track Name: Station Wagon
catholic goddess, i thought i had learned
white bag the branch caught it and sang till i heard
thinking hard at 5 am cus i was shaking in my sleep
i think cold or drawn is all i'll ever be

i can smell your hair from here
the clothes and shoes stuck to beer
i can taste the cigarettes
god that makes me feel so old
come sing me worship songs
kiss me on the mouth
i love the way we get so loud

break the station wagon future breed
god it can be you and me
be my catholic heathen bride
we can make it a non life